Thanks so much for interviewing me! I think that spreading awareness of how to be a conscious and responsible influencer is very important and there are so many different (good!) ways to do it.

Elsie Larson

Blogger / Elsie Larson

It’s great that InfluencersRE brings different influencers and their stories together to create a community. What an awesome way to connect people from different walks of life!

Angela J. Kim

Blogger / mommy-diary.com

I think that this is a great project, that is a great fashion inspiration. And I hope that its gonna grow HUGE!

Natalia Levsina

Blogger / allbuenothings.com

We love it! Such an amazing way to inspire and be inspired, and especially hear the stories behind influencers. Usually so much more to tell behind the photos!

Pris and Eve

Bloggers / www.welikebali.com

Love it! So happy to be a part of it! Thank you so much for thinking of me!

Caroline Vazzana

Blogger / makingmanhattan.com

I like the idea of getting to know the influencers, it gives an insight of their lives, which is really interesting in my opinion

Nathalie Roch

Blogger / nathaliewanders.com

I think it’s really cool, you can find a lot of interesting influencers and the page on instagram is amazing! So yeah, keep it up guys!

Ritse de Jong

Youtuber / Ritse de Jong

I like the whole idea and I hope it will grow fast! Thank you for the chance to be a part of InfluencersRE.


Instagramer / @angelina

I like the whole idea and I hope it will grow fast! Thank you for the chance to be a part of InfluencersI think it’s amazing that you put your effort in empowering and supporting other influencers plus at the same time inspiring your readers. So happy that you gave me the possibility to be a part of it!


Blogger / wantgetrepeat.com