Interview with Rien: “Best memories is to have nice adventures with friends!”

Rien is a traveler and fashion lover. He is not active just on his Instagram, but he is also a YouTuber. Today, he will tell us about what means to be an influencer to him, about his style, his travels and even if he´s traveling alone. So keep reading!

Hello Rien. Could you describe yourself in just one sentence?

My personal favorite quote is: “welcome to the universe”. I like to think big, to be creative and have an open mind for people and business.

You are mostly active on your Instagram but you also have a YouTube channel. Let’s start with Instagram. How did you become an Instagrammer and was it always your dream – to have influence on a social media platform?

I have been doing modeling work since I was 17. So with doing the modelling work I ended up in nice places around the world. For example in Cape Town. And when you are in those kind of places and make nice photos – of course you also have to be a little creative and make nice content – then I noticed that my account started growing on Instagram. Earlier this year I took part in a Dutch TV show, this also gained more followers. It was never my dream to be an influencer, but it kind of happened naturally.

Talking about influence. What does it mean to you to be an influencer?

I like to be creative. And even when I am on holiday, I like to create cool content on the most beautiful places. So that’s my main part. That other people like the content and get an inspiration is just a side effect for me. But of course it’s nice to know that people get inspired!

You are famous mostly for traveling. When did you start and what was your first destination?

My first faraway destination was Bali. I have been traveling there for 1,5 months. After that I wanted to see more places and went on more trips. I tried to combine work and traveling and that’s how I also ended up in Cape Town.

We can see that you are not traveling by yourself. Could you tell our readers something about your partner?

I met my girlfriend in Cape Town. She is a photographer so sometimes we even work together. Now we are already together for 1,5 years and we like to travel to places. That’s how we also got the idea of a Youtube channel together. To make nice memories for ourselves and for people to have a small look of the things we are doing and places we go.

What was the first destination you’ve visited alone and what was the first place that you’ve visited together?

First of all we met each other in Cape Town. So we were already at a different place. After that the first trip was to Italy. First trip I did for myself was with some friend. We went on a roadtrip across Europe!

What is your favourite destination so far? And what is your dream destination you have not been to yet?

Recently I’ve been to the Philippines. That place was absolutely crazy. Beautiful nature, nice people and nice food. I still want to go to a lot of places: New York, Mexico, Tokyo.

Now the other side of the coin. What country disappointed you the most?

That’s hard to say.. I guess I’ve liked most countries!

Could you tell us something about the best and the worst memory concerning traveling?

Best memories is to have nice adventures with friends. When you can combine work and traveling, it’s even better. But creating memories and seeing beautiful places together is the most valuable thing! On the other side, there have been moments that I’ve been missing home or my family back home. But I never go traveling for too long.

How would you describe your style in three words?

Minimalistic, elegant and a little grunchy.

What is your most favourite piece of clothing ever and what current trend do you like the most?

I like coats a lot! A coat is a really cool piece of clothing that has a big impact on your outfit. Current trent that I like are sweaters with turtlenecks and nice fabrics. Winter clothing that is coming out now is a lot richer in fabrics and materials compared to summer clothing. That’s what I like.

Do you have any fashion advice for our readers, especially for the male audience?

I feel like everybody has his (or hers) own style. I can appreciate a lot of different styles. In general, I like when people can combine nice items with more vintage items. Don’t buy cheap shoes, but you can find really cool cheap T-shirts or vintage sweaters. This way you get a mix of unique clothing. Not everything with a big brand on it’s always the best.

We have a question about your YouTube channel as well. You own it with your partner Vivian. When did you decide to post vlogs on YouTube?

After I did the Dutch TV show. This TV show was for a big part about vlogging our own lives. That’s how I got in touch with vlogging. After the TV show we were kind of used to it. But I like to combine cool places and nice videos with vlogging. I have also been producing music for the last few years. Now I make music to use in the videos as well. It’s a mix of vlogging and cool videos together. And we try to make them funny and interesting to watch. I don’t like videos that last too long. Most of our videos are between 4 to 10 minutes.

Do you prefer Instagram or YouTube? Could you share its advantages and disadvantages with us?

I recently started with the Youtube channel. So this is new for me. However, I like making videos a lot. The combination of film and music and traveling can be really intense. You can really get goosebumps when watching a video. This is something that I really like. Instagram is, of course, still nice to get an inspiration and create content but I want to focus also more on Youtube. Both are cool in its own way!

The last question is: What do you think about our project InfluencersRE?

It’s a nice project! And I hope people get inspired by it. It is always good to share ideas and hear stories behind the photos or videos. So, good luck!

Source: Iva from InfluencersRE, Edited by Petra & Lucc, Photo: Instagram @Rienwelsink


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