Interview with Jecky: “Fashion and travel are my sources of happiness and also self-realization!”

Jecky see herself as the girl next door but with a vision to live her best life and to inspire others to do the same. In this interview, we’ll take a closer look at her blog Want Get Repeat and more things such as: her passion for traveling, fashion or taking photos and editing them. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and start reading!  

You are a blogger, we could also say that you are an Instagrammer and influencer. But do you consider yourself an influencer? What does this expression means to you?

I notice that I am an influencer when I see people buying stuff I recommend or when for example girls write me that they bought their wedding dress at that same store or wanna travel to a hotel I’ve been promoting. But I actually don’t necessarily consider it as something bad. In general all people influence everyone who they spend time together and in a world of social media we influence people who follow us. But I consider my followers to be thoughtful enough to know what they really want to consume and what not. I also think us influencers are like a ‘filter’ for this overwhelming modern world. Sometimes people don’t know what they want to wear, what they want to eat or where they want to travel to because our modern world has just so many possibilities. So it’s always cool if you have a person you somehow identify with and that you like – a.k.a. the influencer – to help you with that.

You have your own blog called Want Get Repeat. Why did you decide to start your own blog and when did it happen?

I got in contact with the whole blogger world when I was doing a very boring internship during my studies and thus had a lot of time to read blogs. The idea of creating my own online space didn’t leave me since then and my then boyfriend now husband encouraged and supported me a lot from day 1. Today we are running this thing together.

You write mostly about fashion and travel. What do you like most from each of these categories? And which category do you like more?

Fashion and Travel are my sources of happiness and also self-realization when I get the chance to realize photo productions and campaigns in this sphere. I cannot decide between the two – it’s the combination of the both that fulfills me the most: traveling and shooting outfits there plus getting inspired in terms of fashion by people I see on the streets!

You also write more personal things in a category called Lifestyle. When did you decide to share this personal, maybe private, side of you on your blog?

It took me quite some time – for two years I didn’t even have an about me – page and shared outfits only! But at some point I felt like opening up a bit to my audience and also helping young women who are struggling with the same issues as I am.

We love the design of your blog? Who is behind it?

All me, myself and I plus my hubs.

The thing we noticed first on your Instagram is your irredeemable fashion style. Was it easy or hard for you to find your own style?

It is a process that is still continuing everyday, haha! Of course I sometimes get shocked when I see what I was wearing like 5 years ago but I think it’s a trial and error journey every fashion-interested woman goes through. I mostly developed my own style with the help of magazines, social media and a lot of try-on sessions in front of my mirror at home! I would literally order like 10 parcels of clothes and try on what felt most like ‘me’.

How would you describe your style? What thing can’t be missing in your every outfit? I would describe my style as very trend oriented – I basically never say no to any trend but try to ‘translate’ it into my daily routine and what combination would feel most convenient. I am a lover for denim – you find it in almost all of my looks. But I also can’t go without my Pandora jewellery and RayBan sunnies.

Do you have any fashion idol that guides you through fashion trends? And what is your favourite current fashion trend?

There’s literally a new girlcrush on Instagram every week for me. So no, no single idol but a lot of beautiful inspiring women out there!

Autumn is coming. Do you like this season? What is your most favourite autumn piece of clothing?

In terms of fashion this is my absolute favorite season as you have so much possibilities to layer things, try out different types of jackets, shoes, fabrics etc.! But I will stay a summer child forever: the summer lifestyle is THE BEST!! But I do love jackets/coats so those are definitely my favorite pieces for this season’s wardrobe.

You had a wedding! How would you describe this day in three words?

Love, Love & Love!

How do you take pictures on your blog and Instagram? What camera do you use and how do you edit the photos?

I switch between a Canon EOS 5D Mark iv and my iPhone! We do the photo editing in Lightroom.

Do you have any advice for our readers about Instagram and taking pictures?

Try out as much as you can and as often as you can. This is the only way to get better and develop your own style. Also, you cannot ‘skip’ needing to make your own experiences by copying others: you’ll always be 1 step behind!

And what would be your advice for them about fashion and style?

Trial and error is key. If you are unsure about your style: try out all kind of clothes and outfits and see what works best for you.

Thank you for your time, Jecky. Our last question is what do you think about our project InfluencersRE?

I think it’s amazing that you put your effort in empowering and supporting other influencers plus at the same time inspiring your readers. So happy that you gave me the possibility to be a part of it!

Source: Iva from InfluencersRE, Edited by: Lucc & Petra, Photo: Instagram @wantgetrepeat


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