Interview with Angelina: “Don’t forget about Stories and communicate with your followers!”

Angelina is an influencer based in Moscow and Berlin with a big passion for traveling and fashion. We will talk about her favourite fashion trends and what is her favourite destination, so keep reading!

Your instagram is very sleek and stylish. What is your process in creating your photos and this particular vibe of your feed?

Thank you! I prepare for every photo shooting. I look for a beautiful location, choose the right clothes (it should be bright mostly) and also I need an idea.

Then it is time for editing. It can take from 30 minutes to couple hours of working on every photo. Usually I edit pictures in 5-7 applications. But you can find about 50-60 editing programs in my phone, haha.

Do you have any  advice for new Instagrammers? Any tips on what to do or not to do?

You should make beautiful content and make your feed look harmonious. Then you can think about what to write in your blog. Try to be active on Instagram and post every day! Don’t forget about Stories and communicate with your followers.

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Your photos look amazing and professional. Do you shoot them with a professional photographer or do your friends and family help you with them?

I shoot with different people every time. It can be my friends, other bloggers, my boyfriend or even my mom. I don’t use professional camera, only IPhone (mostly IPhone 7).

It looks like you love flowers, there are plenty of them on your Instagram. What is your favorite flower?

I love peonies and roses so much! They look good in pictures.

You also love fashion. What does fashion mean to you? Do you have a favorite outfit?

I can’t describe myself as a fashion blogger but I try to follow the latest fashion trends and visit Fashion Weeks.

My favorite outfit is red over knee-high boots and a black velvet dress. You can find it in my photos from Paris from September 2017.

What current fashion trends are your favorite? Are there any trends that you don’t like at all?

Polka dots and lavender color are my favorite trends. I don’t like puff sleeves and transparent raincoats.

You write in your Insta-BIO that you are a traveler. What is your favorite destination?

I like Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, Hong Kong and Barcelona. But the most beautiful city in my opinion is Moscow 🙂

Let’s talk more about traveling. We saw that you were in Prague last year. What is your favorite place in Prague and why?

I liked the Charles Bridge. It is the Prague’s oldest bridge, very impressive and has a great history.

You also own another Instagram account @angelina.editing. Could you tell us more about it?

I teach Russian people how to edit photos on my editing course. I have trained already more than hundred people.

After many questions from English speaking followers about my editing, I decided to translate the Russian version of the tutorial. I start recruiting students to my English editing course.

Angelina, thank you for your time. We have just one last question. What do you think about our project InfluencersRE?

I like the whole idea and I hope it will grow fast! Thank you for the chance to be a part of InfluencersRE.

Source: Iva from InfluencersRE, Edited by: Lucc & Petra, Photos: Instagram @angelina


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