Interview with Angela: “An influencer should be open-minded and creative!”

Angela is a blogger from South California with more than 175k followers. She writes about motherhood as a mother of three, about fashion as an inspiring woman who, for sure, understands fashion and also as a traveler, who has seen quite a lot of amazing places! She will tell us more about her blog, her hobbies, motherhood and how to combine it all together, so keep reading!

Hello Angela. We introduced you a little already, but if you could add something, what would it be?

Hi! I’m a writer, blogger, content creator and mama of three kids. I live in Southern California.

Let’s talk about your blog for starters. As we can see, you write about a lot of topics: as lifestyle, travel, fashion or motherhood. Which topics are your most favourites and why?

I love writing about lifestyle from a parenting perspective because it encompasses my entire life in an authentic way. I also love sharing tips and inspirations about pregnancy, baby and motherhood for new mothers.

We will stay in this blogging topic with this question. You have really nice designed blog. Is it done by your hand or do you have people for it?

I hired a designer to custom design my blog. I make small edits and updates myself.

We can not get enough of your blog, but we promise, we will talk about other things as well, haha. We love section home and the design and remodel is just amazing! Did you design it only by yourself or did you use help of some “expert”? What room in your house is your favourite?

I designed everything myself. It was a lot of work and I made some mistakes along the way but learned so much! My favorite room has to be my home office because that’s where I spend most of my time and the only room that’s designed entirely for me.

This is the part when we´re going to talk about something different than your blog. You are not just a blogger – you are a mother of three. What does it mean to be a “mum blogger” to you? And how can you can connect it all together?

Being a mom blogger means being able to write about my daily mom life for work. Unlike fashion and beauty bloggers, mom bloggers are able to incorporate all things motherhood as part of our brand image. It requires more work and balance because there’s little distinction between life and work but I love it because I get work inspirations from my daily life with the kids.

We would like to know something more about your hobbies, what you like to do in your free time?

I’m an avid reader who loves to read during my down time. I also love collecting crystals and essential oils for holistic healing.

We already talked about your favourite topics on blog, but we would like to know what are your essentials beauty products?

Over the years my beauty routine has gotten simpler because I try to avoid using chemicals on my skin. I now only use high quality essential oils on my face and love Korean beauty products for CC cushions and sheet masks.

You also like traveling. What is THE thing you like about traveling and what are three top cities you have visited so far?

Maui, Seoul and Paris. I would love to visit Europe and Asia with my kids one day.

Our project is called InfluencersRE. What does it mean to be an influencer to you?

Being an influencer means using your authentic life to inspire and influence others. It means making genuine connections with your audience and sharing tips and stories that others may find valuable. An influencer should be open-minded, creative and always looking for new ways to share her/his story.

Your Instagram feed is very clear and styled. How do you take your photos and how do you edit them? Do you have any favourite apps for editing?

I use a Canon 5D, Fuji XT10 and my iphone. I do most of my editing using Lightroom on my computer and VSCO and Snapseed on my phone. I love beautiful professional images but these days I’m really into capturing real life moments with my iphone.

Thank you for your time, Angela. The last question is – what do you think about our project InfluencersRE?

I think it’s great that InfluencersRE brings different influencers and their stories together to create a community. What an awesome way to connect people from different walks of life!

Sourse: Text – Iva / InfluencersRE, Angela / Mommy Diary, Foto: Instagram of Angela


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