Interview with Natalia: “I regret that I didn’t start my blog earlier!”

Natalia is a blogger and influencer from NYC with 108k followers. She surely knows the meaning of words “fashion” and “style”. She inspires people around the world via both her Instagram and blog. Now, she’ll tell us something about her style, how she takes care of her Instagram and so much more!

Hello Natalia. How would you describe yourself in ten words?

Hi, Hmmm.. I would say that I am very energetic, optimistic, creative, passionate, independent, friendly  and really bad in describing myself)

The very first thing we noticed on your Instagram is very stylish and “in tune” outfits. What inspire you in fashion and clothing?

Thank you so much. I am a crazy shopaholic, so I   love to keep track on all trends and shop them. For me Fashion is something fun and creative, and I can spend hours mixing up my clothes. I can tell that the whole fashion industry inspires me to try something new  and share it on my Instagram every day .

Can you name your three must-haves and three unwanted trends?

That’s a tough one. Definitely my must have is a polka dots. Also I am obsessed with lavender color this season, can’t get enough of it. And then I would name chunky sneakers. My unwanted trends are bike shorts, tie dye and bandage dresses.

Also we can see that your pictures are very nice styled and shooted. Do you mostly do photoshoots with professional photographers or do your friends help you with it sometimes?

I used to take all the pictures with a professional photographer, but about half a year ago I bought a camera, and now almost all the pictures are taken by my sister.

How long it takes to make an Instagram post, in your case? From styling, through photoshoot, to final post? What are your other hobbies and activities beside Instagram?

It all depends from the project. Sometimes it takes weeks to prepare just one picture, for example, if I want to shoot in the hotel, I have to reach out to the hotel, discuss all the details, check out the availability and so on. But sometimes the unexpected shot is THE one. Usually, I tell the brands that it takes 2 weeks to create a content.

Can you tell us what apps and programs you use for editing pictures? Do you have any default template how your Instagram feed should harmonize?

I edit all my pictures in Lightroom, if I need to remove people or unwanted objects I always use Photoshop, and when I need some objects be more detailed or structured I use Facetune. Also I use the Planoly app to plan my feed in advance.

You are not just an Instagramer, you are a blogger too. Can you tell us how long you have your blog, how it all started and what was the reason to start your own blog?  Do you appear on the blog on your own or there´s more of bloggers?

Actually I started my blog earlier than Instagram. I run allbuenothings.com with my partner, we wanted to share thoughts about fashion, beauty, travel and interesting places  from two different perspectives. I moved to New York from a country where we don’t even have a Zara and H&M stores, so can you imagine how crazy I started to shop in New York? And then I just wanted to share my looks, interesting places to visit in the city with my friends and readers.

Do you have any goals you want reach in social media? If yes, what motivates you?

Every time  I receive a message from my follower, who is writing how much he/she likes my feed and how helpful I am, I feel very grateful and it is the biggest inspiration for me to move forward. I am working now on a very interesting project, and cant tell all the details now. But going to share it very soon, so stay tuned!

Word “influencer” is very popular now, as we can see in your Instagram BIO, you consider yourself as an “influencer”, too. What does it mean for you, to be an influencer?

For me to be an influencer means that people trust my opinion and recommendations.

A lot of people want to start their own blog, but maybe they don’t feel so confident and maybe they are scared “what will other people think”. What is your advice to them? If you could tell us, how your family and friends reacted when you were in your beginnings?

Actually my family and my friends was and still are my biggest supporters, and I am very grateful to them. They probably believed in me even more than I did. I would advice  just to imagine for a second how much would you regret one day that you didn’t start it or didn’t pursue your dream. Actually I regret that I didn’t start my blog earlier.

Thank you for your time. Just let me ask you one more question. What do you think about our project InfluencersRE?

I think that this is a great project, that is a great fashion inspiration. And I hope that its gonna grow HUGE!

Sourse: Text – Iva / InfluencersRE, Natalia / Allbuenothings, Foto: Instagram @nata_allbuenothings


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