How to wear: men’s camel coat

Men all around the world, don‘t be afraid – we haven’t forgotten about you! Winter is here which means that it’s time for sweaters and coats. And what about a camel coat? Are you a fan of it, but you don’t know how to wear it? Read our article including two styling tips and get inspired!

  • Formal

There’s nothing wrong with being formal, actually this look can be very sexy as well! So go on, wear the coat with a suit or just a shirt and suit trousers and top it off with a pair of varnished shoes. And did you know that simple white sneakers look amazing with a suit as well? Try it and don’t forget about accessories: a watch, scarf or sunglasses.

Get inspired by:

Lorenzo www.yourmirrorstyle.com

Adam www.iamgalla.com

  • Casual

If you are not a big fan of suits, this will be your favourite look. It’s more relaxed and comfortable: hoodies, sneakers and jeans. Of course, you can style it with varnished shoes as well. We would like to remind you that high socks are still really trendy. And once again, don’t forget about accessories!

Get inspired by:

Isaac www.isaaclikes.com

Drew www.instagram.com/drewjessup

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Source: Iva from InfluencersRE, Edited by: Petra & Lucc, Photo: Instagram @rivenarilorenzo @aimgalla @drewjessup @isaaclikes


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