Interview with Hayley: “Don’t ever quit the daydream!”

Hayley Anderson: an amazing influencer from Australia. Her profile is full of colourful pictures from all around the world. She has shared a few things about her life with us.  Keep on reading and find our more about her fashion favourites or travel destinations she loves.

Hi Hayley, as we can see in your pictures, you love your life. At first glance, we would call you a very happy girl. But how would you introduce yourself in one sentence?

If i am certain of one thing its that I love to travel as it inspires me and drives my creativity like no other.

Do you have a life-motto you are trying to live by?

Don’t ever quit the daydream!

What does traveling mean to you?  Is it hard for you to leave your family behind when you travel?

Traveling means stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing my creativity as a photographer. It is hard and I am always excited to come home from a trip to see my family and sleep in my bed.

How many countries did you travel to? Are there any favorite places that you love returning back to?

I have traveled to 36 countries so far. Yes! I would love to visit more of Italy, Maldives, Jordan, United States, Norway and so many more!

What was your craziest experience while traveling?

Oh that’s hard! We got caught in the middle of a cop fight in Barcelona where a gun was pulled by a guy in the fight and everyone was running and screaming. Literally got shoved down by a cop running past me.

Most people prefer warm, sunny weather. What about you? Do you prefer sunbathing on the beach, or do you prefer snowy winter?

Definitely sunny weather! Although Norway was one of my fav countries and it was cold haha.

Now we would love to ask you a few questions about fashion. What piece of clothing do you wear most often?

I love wearing dresses and headscarves! Headscarves are my favorite, they are so easy to make your hair look stylish without any effort.

Do you also look at fashion magazines for inspiration? Are there also any bloggers who inspire you?

Yes, my biggest IG fashion inspirations are @tezzamb, @teganphillipa, @emelinaah, @americanstyle, @zoelaz just to name a few.

You are an influencer and inspire your followers on Instagram with your great fashion sense. What does the word influencer mean to you?

I hope to influence people in the way of chasing their dreams and to not be afraid of failure and what society thinks they should do. To work hard and to be your best you!

One last question: What do you think about our project InfluencersRE?

Love! Great inspiration:)

Thank you for your time.

Source: Nicol from InfluencersRE, Edited by Petra & Lucc, Photo: Instagram @haylsa


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