Interview with Eve and Pris: “Follow your heart, be positive, faithfull and soak up a lot of sunshine!”

Eve and Pris are two best friends living in Bali with more than 120.000 followers. They definitely love blogging and also their business @welikebali. They run their own online store where they sell their own accessories such as bags, swimwear, jewelry and sunnies and also publish their own Bali travel guides. In this interview, they share more about their lives and projects with us.

How did you get to know each other?

We met at our first job at a creative agency in Amsterdam. We became best friends quickly and in 2009 we decided to trade the city life for the island life in Bali. We’re both half Indonesian, half Dutch, so life in the tropics has always lured us.

We noticed that you also have your own business. What led you to its founding?

We started our blog Welikebali in 2009. With the rise of Instagram, this evolved into a more personal influencer account where we shared our sunkissed travels, life in Bali and fashion and lifestyle content. As everyone kept asking us for Bali tips, we designed and published a book and an online book for creative travelers who want to skip the touristy stuff and explore the island our way: The Island Guide. After that, we expanded our online store and started designing our own collection with island goods, from t-shirts to swimwear and jewelry to bags. And so many exciting things to come!

You enjoy your lives fully, that’s great. Do you have a recipe for a happy life?

Follow your heart, be positive, faithful and soak up a lot of sunshine. We call it: living sunny side up.

Why did you choose to set up Bali Travel Guides?

We were living in Bali for five years when we started our Bali Travel Guides. Before that time we were answering tons of messages on Instagram and the e-mail about Bali tips when we decided: let’s create the ultimate guide with tips for creative travelers. So they can have the most amazing time in Bali! As there are so many spots and places to go, we’re helping to curate the best of it as personal insider travel guides.

What was your best experience in Bali?

Meeting the loves of our lives.

Do you have some traveling dream that you’d like to fulfill in the future? Maybe a country you would like to visit?

Tahiti is our dream destination. We’ve visited once and have been homesick to the Pacific ever since. We want to explore all the Polynesian islands and wear bikinis and flower crowns all day.

Which of the countries you’ve visited, did you enjoy the most?

We’re in love with LA and Hawaii, we aim to visit it as much as we can! We love Los Angeles for its creative vibes and amazing food and Hawaii for surf, beach life and Aloha vibes. But each country we visit has something special that we love.

How do you spend your day besides blogging and doing business?

If we’re not blogging or working you’ll find us in a barre class studio, in the ocean surfing or eating food, haha. Our favorites are long Sunday brunches with our friends. We also spend a good part of the year in Biarritz and Amsterdam, where our family lives. Nothing beats quality time with them!

What do you think about our project InfluencersRE?

We love it! Such an amazing way to inspire and be inspired, and especially hear the stories behind influencers. Usually so much more to tell behind the photos!

Source: Nicol from InfluencersRE, Edited: Lucc & Petra, Photo: Instagram @welikebali


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