Interview with Céline: “Traveling makes me feel alive!”

Céline is a traveler, model, photographer, blogger, and Instagrammer. She has visited more than 43 countries and is planning to visit more. Read on and find out what she likes about traveling, find out more about her crazy experience in Bangkok and get inspired by her journey.

Hello, Céline! What does travel mean to you? What three things are on your mind when you think about traveling?

Explore – Discover – Live. That would be the three words I have in mind when I think about travelling. It makes me feel alive!

If you got the chance to travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Hard question! Of course, I still have a lot of places on my list! But right now I wish I could be in Bali, Asia!

You’ve managed to visit several countries so far in your life. Who do you travel with most often?

I’ve spend 6 months alone in Asia. I love travelling alone because I’ve met many people and I love this feeling of freedom, doing just what you want and be able to free your mind!  But I travel a lot with my husband and with my friends!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done on the road?

Being alone 6 months in Asia seems crazy for many people! For me it was just normal! By the way, I have to say, it was my best experience ever! I think everybody should do it once in their life, it’s a very good work on yourself. Oh, I have a crazy story: one night in Bangkok I’ve crossed a highway to escape crazy dogs that were trying to attack me!

How do you choose what your next travel destination is going to be?

It depends on my plans (what I actually have in my mind) but it also depends on my work there and of course the time of the year!

Do you have any dream related to traveling?

My dream since many years is to make a one year or more world tour with my hubby!

In which country did you feel the best so far?

Definitely in Bali! I love this island so much! I love everything there: the spirit, the food, the landscapes, the locals! I love Asian countries!

Is there any other traveler who inspires you?

I am happy to be part of a great traveler community now and I guess we are all inspiring each other and that’s so great!

What is the one thing you always have to have with you on your travels?

My CAMERA of course!

Is there any food you fell in love with while on your travels that you haven’t eaten before, but you cannot get enough of now?

Without hesitation it is Thai food!!! I went there for the first time with my husband 8 years ago. We fell in love, went back there 4th time and got married there! We eat Thai food almost every week anywhere we are!

Last question: What do you think about our project InfluencersRE?

I really love it and wish you very good luck and thank you so much for this interview.

Thank you for your time.

Source: Nicol from Influencersre, Edited by Petra & Lucc, Photo: Instagram @c.linetravels


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