Top 10 Fashion Bloggers You Should Already Be Following

Today is the day! Our first article is here and it’s devoted to fashion bloggers. We will introduce the Top 10 fashion bloggers you should already be following to you so that you can get inspired. You’ll find girls and boys, colors and minimalism – all of them in this article. So grab a piece of paper, take notes and let the inspiration flow.

#1 Courtney | @ColorMeCourtney

If you love colorful fashion, you should definitely follow Courtney from the Big Apple! Her outfits are bright and fresh and she is definitely not scared of patterns and prints. So if you love colors, want to wear them but are too scared, touch the follow button and let the inspiration sink in.

#2 Jenny | LopezJennyLopez

Another New York girl, Jenny definitely knows what’s the definition of fashion. She transforms it into her everyday outfits and we can say that they are stunning. We love that she can wear a long dress and high heels or jeans, a tank top and sneakers and she always looks stunning.

#3 Carolina | @Carefryer and @CottonAndPosies

What color, do you think, is used the most on Carolina’s profile? No, it is not blue and it is not green either. It’s pink! Her romantic style from New Jersey gets us every time and we love how she includes pink in every one of her outfits without it being annoying. She’s also a mother of little Jaynes, whose style is also really cute.

#4 Leeyonce | @Thickleeyonce

South African Leeyonce is a huge inspiration for everyone, but mostly for women with curves. She is a photographer, plus-size blogger, a model and the co-owner of a shop with plus-size fashion. She shows us that you can be fashionable and have curves, that don’t have to be afraid to show them off! So if you still think that women with curves can’t dress beautiful, follow this beauty and she’ll convince you otherwise.

#5 Olivia | @OliviaRink

The third girl from New York is called Olivia and she takes our breath away. Her own style and variable fashion is the reason why we fell in love with her. Are you looking for colorful, minimalistic, elegant,  or sporty outfits? You’ll find all of these on her profile, so follow her and get inspired!

#6 Cynthia | @SimplyCyn

Cynthia, the next girl from New York assures us that fashion runs in the blood of every New Yorker. We would say that she’s a fashion chameleon because she can wear bright colorful outfits as well as simple minimalistic white outfits and always look amazing. The thing she never leaves out in her outfits are earrings that she shows as the main piece  most of the time.

#7 Lily | @LLYMLRS

We would say that Lily from the UK is the definition of minimalism with occasional fling of something else. She shows us that we should not be afraid of black color and that it doesn’t have to be a sad color in everyday outfits. We have to mention that she NEVER forgets to include it in her outfit. What color do we love? BLACK! What account will we follow? LILY’S!

#8 Alix | @icovetthee

We would describe this profile as “minimalism captured in photographs”. If you are not a big fan of many colors but you love minimalism, basic colors and clean lines, you will love this profile as well. Alix from the UK knows how to be simple but  interesting at the same time. Even though, her style is minimalistic, there’s no lack of jewelry. Don’t worry and be minimalistic if you want to and get inspired by this woman!

#9 Justin | @justinliv

Here comes inspiration for boys and men. Justin from New York shows us that men can be stylish. We love that he can be elegant one day and sporty the other day.We are definitely in love with his striped shirts. So boys and men all around the world, hit the follow button and Justin will show you how to wear both – everyday and occasional outfits.

#10 Will | @BrightBazaar

Will is a blogger and creative consultant. And of course, a bright inspiration for men and boys. He’ll make your day better with his colorful outfits. We have to admit that these boys know how to wear striped shirts and we just scream: “They SLAAAY!” Will’s style is more elegant so if you need a dose of elegant inspiration, you know where to find it. And oh, yes – he’s from New York as well. And do you remember what we said about New Yorkers? Fashion runs in their blood!

Souce: Iva from InfluencersRE, Edited: Lucc & Petra, Photos: Instagram


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