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We are a platform which connecting worldwide community of influencers and online creators including bloggers, instagrammers and youtubers. Our mission is connecting people with the same passion around the world and bring them an inspiration. Follow us on our Instagram and other social media to get fresh news!

Why and how we started?

Because we missed a comprehensive platform for influencers and online creators like Bloggers, InstaBloggers or YouTubers, which would connect them and offer some inspiration.  In July 2016, two co-founders and good friends: Ivo and Sebastian, launched an online platform called InfluencersRE in the Czech Republic.



Ivo Veselý

Founder & CEO

Sebastian Hozák

Founder & CFO

Denisa Kořanová

Project Manager

Deni Hartmannová

Managing Editor

Lucie Drápelová

Editorial Manager

Petra Dzvoníková

Interview & Article Editor

Magdalena Červenková

Interview & Article Editor

Iva Malíková

Interview & Article Editor

Nicol Urdová

Interview & Article Editor

Tereza Dobiášová

Social Media Manager


I think that this is a great project, that is a great fashion inspiration. And I hope that its gonna grow HUGE!


Blogger / allbuenothings.com

It’s great that InfluencersRE brings different influencers and their stories together to create a community. What an awesome way to connect people from different walks of life!

Angela J. Kim

Blogger / mommy-diary.com

Love what you all are doing! It’s a great conglomeration of bloggers and their work on one platform!

Carter Fish

Blogger / carterfish.com